Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MI Printing’s Small Business Tips – Staying Top of Mind

With any business you want to have customers that buy your product or service.  Simple idea. But, the concept needs to be fully understood to have the end result be a purchase.

Do you know when and why a customer buys from your business?  What is the trigger that starts the process? Is the purchase planned or is it spur of the moment?

One very important aspect of any purchase is very basic.  The customer has to know that you sell the item or service they need or want. Yes, it really is that simple. Your store, site, brand or name must be part of the thought process when a customer is considering what to buy.  If they never think of you then they will never buy from you.

The definition of top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) is a brand or specific product coming first in customers' minds when thinking of a particular type of commerce. Companies attempt to build brand awareness through media exposure on channels such as internet, radio, newspapers, television, magazines, promotional items and social media.

Many sales are the result of one person telling another individual about a product or service. In some cases this may be a spontaneous recommendation or it can be an answer to a question. Where do you get your hair done? What restaurant do you think has the best ….? Where should I look for a …?

Do you want your business to be talked about or the one that is the recommendation?

So do you want your business to be TOM? The first brand that comes to mind when a customer is asked an unprompted question about a category. The greater percentage of customers for whom a given brand is top of mind can be measured.

What is your business doing to stay Top of Mind? When was the last time you handed out pens with your business name and slogan on them? When was the last time you used coupons to offer a special for a return purchase? When was the last time you reminded past customers to make a return visit?

With strategic, mindful actions, it’s possible to go from "who?" to a trusted and remembered resource. To be able to buy from you your customers have to first think of you, your business or your brand.

Your customers generally have many sources to buy from.  Stay Top of Mind to be the first source they think of. Learn to be on the tip of their tongue. You do remember the old saying “Out of sight, out of mind” don’t you?  Get in front of your potential buyer and existing customer as often as you can.

Did you give out 2014 calendars? When was the last time you handed out a business card?

Do you need help staying top of mind with your customers? – coupons, flyers or brochures?  Don’t forget to look over our business promotional items. Call MI Printing 623.582.1302 and lets us be your local resource.  Effective customer communication is what your business needs.

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