Monday, January 6, 2014

Make Sure Your Customers Know Your Business

You have read that we recommend that every business “Tell a Good Story” when it comes to marketing their business.  When a customer buys from your business does that mean they will be back to buy again? No matter the business you generally don’t sell just one item.  Does your customers know all about your business?  Do they know all items you sell? If not you have only yourself to blame.

Do you or your staff make recommendations to a customer as they make their purchases? Do you offer additional items that will help your customer get better results?

Do you offer classes that help your customer get better results?  Does every customer get a brochure about your business? Do they get a coupon to help spur a future purchase? What information do you print on your receipts? If it is just simple contact information you are missing a huge opportunity.

At checkout do you have information sheets?  Do you place printed info into their sacks? Do you sell or provide custom printed bags that reduce post-consumer waste?

A customer will never make a purchase from you unless they know you offer the item or service as part of your business.  How many times will you let a sale go to a competitor by not letting your customer know your business could have met their need(s).

Just because “it” is on display won’t make sure your customer sees the item.

Do you ask your customers what you could carry or offer them that would make their life easier?

When you are offered a new item from a vendor, how do you decide if you should carry the item.  Do you do a test market? Do you poll your customers? Do you have a customer suggestion box?

Do your customers feel comfortable asking you or your staff for advice or even make a suggestion to your store that would improve your bottom line? If not, why not!

Is your customer always right? Is an item you customer needs in stock? Always?  Do you promote the idea that you will get any item your customer wants? When you carry a new item how do you make sure all of your customers know about the new item(s)?

Keep in mind a customer can walk by a product display and never even see the display or the items. Make sure you always take the time to ask your customers if they have seen (or understand the need to buy) you new item. 

What is the last thing your customers hear you say as they leave your business?

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