Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MI Printing’s Small Business Tips – Be More Efficient

Number One Key to Success is Working Together
Work in teams; work with other people. There are some tasks that take an enormous amount of time for a single person to do but with a large group of people, each one specializing and doing part of the task, you can get a tremendous amount done.

At a builders show a home builder raffled off a new home and they said that whoever won the home they would build if for them in basically 48 hours. They used a series of crews and literally built the entire home in two days. Normally it would take at least six to eight weeks to build but they did it in forty-eight hours with everyone working harder, faster, longer, and specializing in their particular area.

Get Better at Your Key Tasks
Get better at the most important and most valuable things you do, and do them faster and work at them harder and get them done ASAP.

Now here is one of the greatest of all rules, and it comes from a study that found that 50% of all working time is wasted. Fifty percent of all working time is spent on things of little or no value. Fifty percent of working time is spent in idle chit-chat with coworkers, checking email, reading the paper, drinking coffee, going for breaks and lunches, coming in late, leaving early, going shopping, and personal business. So here is the way that you overcome this natural, habitual, comfort zone, path of least resistance tendency to waste time and work, and that is to “work all the time you work.”

Do More Important Things
This is a great leverage factor. The 80/20 rule; 20% of what you do accounts for 80% of your results. If you have a list of ten things to do, two of those items will be worth more than all the others put together. Discipline yourself to work on those items that are most important because you are producing 5 or 10 times as much working on your top tasks as working on your average tasks.

Cluster Your Tasks For More Effective Time Management
This is one of the great time management tools. Do all your reports at once; do all of your proposals at once, all of your prospecting calls at once. Whatever they are, do them together rather than one here and one there, and one at another time during the day. 

What happens is that when you do a whole series of similar tasks together you get onto what is called the learning curve. Whereas the first task may take ten minutes, the next one will take nine, the next one eight, and the next one only seven minutes. Pretty soon, you’ll be burning through the tasks at two to three minutes at a time. You’ll save 50 – 80% of the time on each subsequent task. You’ll get more done that you can possibly imagine. So do your similar tasks at the same time.

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