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Made In The USA – Thomas Lures

In the earliest days of America, rods reels and assorted paraphernalia were imported from Europe as indicated in the letter of August 1737 when William Penn's daughter Margaret Penn Freame wrote to her brother in London, "my chief Amusement this summer has been fishing. I therefore request the favor of you when a Leisure Hour will admit, you will buy for me a Rod and Reel with strong good Lines and assortment of hooks the best sort"

While some very early Thomas Lures were fashioned after successful European designs, all Thomas Lures have always been manufactured in the United States. 

They are proud of their traditions, and they are sure that you will not find a better crafted fishing lure manufactured abroad or in America.

In 1938 an apprentice tool and die maker from Czechoslovakia, Richard Shubert, came to America with a dream of producing fishing lures.  Needing to communicate in the country of his birth, Richard’s American-born mother sent him to a relative in Montana to be tutored in the English language.  The rivers and lakes of Montana and the surrounding Rocky Mountain region provided the perfect setting to test his prototypes and market his innovative new lures to customers.  

During the mid-1940’s he returned to family in New York City and the young entrepreneur began producing Thomas Spinning Lures in a small shop on Manhattan’s lower east side.  For the next fifteen years, with the popularity of spin-fishing growing rapidly, so did the popularity of Thomas’ unique line of spoons and spinners, with sales eventually expanding into many other famous trout fishing areas of the United States.  While vacationing at Lake Wallenpaupack in the late 1950’s, Richard discovered the tranquil beauty of the Pocono Mountains region and decided to move his thriving business to northeastern Pennsylvania.  

In 1961 Thomas Lures began manufacturing fishing lures in Hawley, Pennsylvania, where they continue to operate to this day.  In fact, they are still in the same buildings for over fifty years!  They are a small, privately-owned company with a handful of employees dedicated to providing American made, high-quality fishing lures at reasonable prices.  

Their time-tested baits have satisfied many generations of successful anglers.  Over sixty-five years in business is proof-positive Thomas lures catch fish - consistently, time after time.  You can always rely on a Thomas lure to bring you a lifetime of fishing success and enjoyment.

Location:  316 Wayne Ave Hawley PA 18428 • 800-724-6768


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