Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reduce Marketing Mayhem By Communicating Better

Many small business owners run promotions that seem to fall flat on their … you get the idea.  Often they swear off doing that type of promotion blaming the promotion type rather than looking for the real reason the promotion missed its goal.

Often the old phrase, The Devil Is In The Details, can be applied. We want to look at the communications side of small businesses.  It is not just between the customers and the staff.  Many times communication challenges occur between owner or manager and the staff.

The larger the small business the more likely communication errors can occur. Promotions should not just be a matter of cutting prices to move merchandise. Customer service standards and goals are often hard to standardize and put into place.

Communications go well beyond just how to interact with customers and clients. Difficulties arise in many aspects with employees.

Employers spend millions of dollars to offer a benefit and sometimes a surprisingly small amount to ensure that employees understand and appreciate it. Communications, what you say, how you say it, when you say it, who you say it to, can make a world of difference in how employees or members feel and think about their benefits, workplace, and employer.

In addition, what may seem like a minor change to an employer can be perceived as a major change by the employee. For instance, when you’re converting a vacation/sick leave program to a PTO program, it’s important to communicate all transition details. Is it clear what’s happening with the sick bank an employee has saved up? In such a situation, it’s best to create a personalized piece: Here’s what you have and where it goes.

Whenever an organization is undergoing change of any kind, the effectiveness of communication can greatly influence how the change is perceived by employees and how quickly they adapt to the new normal. 

Goals and metrics should always be in sync with the businesses’ objectives. When you do a new project, sit down with the employees to find out what they’re trying to achieve and make sure it matches the true goal. They may want to reduce call volume to the repair department. Once the objectives are clear, we can assign specific measures that need to be tracked to evaluate the success at the end of the campaign.

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