Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Different Local Marketing Ideas

Here is a short list of marketing ideas we bet you have never tried.  Think them over and if they work for your business and location, why not give them a try.

In the Spring deliver 100 seed packets to a local neighborhood. Send them door to door and staple a flyer with your marketing message to the seed packets.

Write and distribute a press release about you and/or your business at least four times a year.

Host a community yard sale at your business.  All proceeds go to charity!

Post a video biography about your business on YouTube.

Start a community Facebook page and update it regularly... be the local expert!

Host a Customer Appreciation Party! Special Prices!

Is your business part of a mall? Hold a classic car night in the parking lot.

Support animals! Put together a flyer about your experience and put together small bags of dog biscuits. Hit the local park and handout your giveaways as the Business Who Loves dogs and cats.

Do a monthly email or printed Newsletter and ask a customer to write an article or testimonial each month.

Consider having a bartering section on your website where customers can barter items and services.

Of course MI Printing can help with all of your printed marketing materials.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302.

If you would like to make of a list of marketing ideas that have worked for you, we will be happy to look them over and compile them with others and share them in future blogs.  Yes, of course you will get credit if you would like.

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