Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is Educating Customers Worthwhile?

If your immediate response is yes, and you are wondering why we would even ask that question then you have already joined our side of this marketing debate.

This is one of those “POVs” (Point of Views) that is pretty evenly divided.  Some folks feel the pool of potential buyers is so large that they don’t need to spend time educating (hand holding) a potential customer.  The overall feeling is that we have the product in stock at a fixed price and you would not be looking for it if you weren’t ready to buy.  The purchase is considered a “Take It or Leave It” proposition.

We fall on the side where an educated consumer is a more satisfied shopper and more likely to come back to the source they trust and had a good to great buying experience with.  We see lots of shades of gray in the actual choice of products or services. 

This can be a simple way to understand how the product may fit or how a product is properly cared for.  If the product or service is used to be a sales aid and has color choices that affect performance. Doesn’t the customer need to know and understand how those choices will affect their outcome?

Does the proper use of a product affect a safety risk related to the ongoing use of that product?  In that case the purchase would be best supported by education and perhaps even post purchase and pre-use testing.

In some cases a businesses’ insurance carrier may even require consumer / user education either prior to purchase or before use.  I know that several hot sauces are only sold after the potential buyer reads and signs a waiver based on what amounts to the use and consumption of a condiment.  Yes, I know that could be more hype that education.

Several motorcycle manufactures and dealers have been sued after selling high powered sports motorcycles to novice or no experience riders just because they could afford the purchase price.

Is the best bottom line to treat the customer the way you expect to be treated?  We think so!

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