Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marketing Should Be Fun

Explain the story behind your business. This is your opportunity to be creative and brand yourself as ‘normal’ people with a vision and values. People will warm to you if you enlighten them on your back story, and tell the story with a bit of flair & personality.

Add color! Color can be a great emotional communication tool to create a positive vibe around your brand. So, first identify the values of your brand, or objectives of your campaign, and try and choose the appropriate colors that reflect it.

Create Atmosphere. If your aim is engagement then you could try and create a cinematic feel to your marketing.

Create surprises. Create unexpected moments of surprise in your marketing and if possible in your business as well.

Be Entertaining. Come up with ideas that you genuinely feel is interesting/ funny. If you find it entertaining, then chances are others will too.

Interactivity. This is another opportunity to be creative with your communication approach, use your brand to tell a story, and emotionally engage.

Help your story go viral. People share content socially as a means to developing deeper relationships with their friends, or to appear as popular/ cool/ funny/ smart/ caring. So think about creating content that people will be compelled to share.

Always display your contact details. This is absolutely essential. There is something quite open & welcoming about having this info clearly displayed. Plus it’s bound to increase the chances of gaining you more business.

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