Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Does Advertising Really Work?

That question is often asked by business owners.  Sometimes it is after they have run an ad and had poor results.  It is very true that advertising is best described as “Your Results Will Vary.”  One “Truism” if you don’t advertise you are not going to be found.  That statement is very true.  You do have to alter the word from advertising to include promotion and marketing. 

If you open a business and put a description of what you do on the building that is a form of marketing and promotion.  Without that most basic “ad” why would someone even open the door to inquire to find out if you were open.

In some cases a business opens and friends and family are told.  They in turn use word-of-mouth to tell their friends and those in their circle of influence.  This form of promotion is a very successful method.  Word-of-mouth is one method that carries the most “trust” factor of any form of advertising.  So a word-of-mouth recommendation is likely to be one that a person who needs or wants the product will follow-up on.

Now those two forms of advertising do work.  Any parent who has a toddler watching Saturday morning television will tell you how effective toy and food (think McDonalds) ads are on the children.

Soon after the ads run they have a little one tugging on a pants leg telling them that they “need” to have whatever they just watched on TV.

I know that, sometimes, a television car commercial can have a similar affect on full grown adult males.  You can extend that out to include sporting goods and tools.  Not to leave out the female side of this buying equation we might add that magazine ads for shoes and cosmetics can have the same effect.

The tall young lady featured above is part of a Fiat 500 ad that has more than half a million views on YouTube which runs the ad for no charge.  http://youtu.be/siWVgAzhFC8

Now that we agree that advertising, promotion and marketing does work and is necessary for a business to survive and prosper, how do you avoid those ads that don’t work?

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