Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Reasons Direct Mail Works

Yes, we are talking about sending a piece of mail with a special offer direct to your current or potential customer base.

Expiration Date Motivation
Look through your mail.  The majority of offers (the ones from the smart people) have expiration dates on them.  This call to action (use it or lose it) lights a fire under prospects and motivates them to buy.

Exclusive Offers or Rewards
Some special discounts and offers you’ll only find in your mailbox.  So even if you’re on your favorite store’s e-mail list, chances are you’ll be getting a different—maybe even better!—offer in the mail.  I know that always keeps my eyes on what my mailbox is dishing out!

Direct Mail Can Be Very Detailed
Mailing list providers can drill down ridiculous details for your lists.  Most industries find broad information such as average age and income helpful, but other industries need even more.  Your auto repair shop needs to find everyone with a 2008 Chevy Malibu within a 10 mile radius? Yep, we can do that.

Measure – Refine – Measure – Refine – Re-mail!
As old-school as coupons may seem to some in this digital age, their popularity is back on the rise, especially when you combine an economic slump with popular reality shows like Extreme Couponing. When you give a prospect something they have to physically redeem for their offer, it’s a lot easier to trace and record, so you know what works! More importantly what doesn’t.

Target That Demographic
What if you want to use direct mail, but have different messages and offers to send prospects, current customers, as well as customers you haven’t seen in awhile?  If you keep a good database of current and past customers, a direct mail provider like, ahem…us! - can help break up that data and use it to send a “We Miss You” message to lapsed customers at the same time your “Thanks for Your Loyalty” message hits your preferred customers! No Hassle!

Let MI Printing help you communicate your marketing story in your next Direct Mail Piece!.

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