Thursday, May 24, 2012

Costumed Actors Get Noticed

We have all seen them, the Statues of Liberty showing us the way to a local tax filing firm.  The dancing hot dog in front of the local hot dog location.

As you have seen us say many times; “First, Get Their Attention.”  That is what is happening here.  First, you get their attention and then you deliver your promotional message.

What you want to hire are few outgoing people to wear outrageous costumes while promoting your business, product or service.

Write a brief sketch that promotes your business and have your characters act it out in front of your business. Hire people to dress as aliens, animals or characters and hand out fliers or brochures at public events. If possible tie the characters into the product or name of your business.  These actors in costume can approach people without being rejected.

An alien handing out fliers that promotes "Rocket Restaurant’s Pizza is Out of this World! But, We Deliver To Earth" makes a great and memorable communication.

When the carefully chosen costume is combined with a great outgoing personality used by the actor results in getting noticed while leaving a fun impression is the perfect message for your business.  These kinds of messages are what are also called “Sticky.”  They are remembered and talked about long after they have been viewed.

You can even have a contest to have your customers name the character.  That should work out to get you free press with a local news outlet.

Perhaps a better title could be “Costumed Actors Get Your Business Noticed!”

When you are ready MI Printing can help you with the flyers and brochures that will be handed out.

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