Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thinking Outside The Box

During the 1984 Super Bowl Apple Computers ran an ad that was truly outside the box for the era and many credit this ad for starting a new trend in advertising. If you want to see or review the ad it is still listed on YouTube.

The result of the ad was a huge increase in the sales of the Apple Macintosh Computers.  Selling something is the desired result of an advertisement.  Clearly this ad was a successful ad.

The fact that nearly thirty years later the ad is still talked about and the techniques used in the ad are being taught in colleges around the country if not the world.

When you are considering using brochures or flyers to reach your potential customer you want to make sure that their response to your media is not one of boredom or indifference.

Always tell a good story when communicating with customers.  Make sure you tell why you are different, “better” than your competitors.  It is not enough or even a good idea to rely on price to be different from the “others.”  You can be “cheaper” by making an item smaller or using lower quality ingredients. 

 If you want me to buy something I would really like to think I’m buying something that is better or using it will give me better results.

Thinking Outside the Box could be as simple as telling potential buyers that you are so much better that even if they have to travel a great distance they will be happy with a purchase at your location.

You are better than your competition and you need to tell your customer that you are better.  Let MI Printing help you tell your story.

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