Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marketing with YouTube

One comment we hear a lot is how hard it is to market a small business.  It can be a challenge, there is no question about that.  Everyone agrees that it is hard to reach the top of the Google Search Engine.

But it can be done and a good combination is to use social media and YouTube.  If you want a good example, a young singer from here in Sedona Arizona.  Her stage name is Sophia Angeles.  Take a break and go to Google and type in Sophia Angeles.  We will wait while you do that.

Are you back?  What did you find? Last time I checked she had the top seven listings in Google.  Not bad for a fifteen year old high schooler from Sedona.

Notice the results are a mix of social media and YouTube.  Is she using a normal web site as well?  No not yet.

When it comes to promotion using brochures and flyers make sure you list your web site on all printed material.  Make sure when they visit your web site they find lots of social media and a good collection of YouTube videos.

Will It Blend is a great example of using YouTube to promote a mundane product. No matter what you sell, be it products or services you can do entertaining and informative videos that will promote your business.

If they aren’t talking about your business then they may be talking about your competition.  Call MI Printing and let’s get them talking about you.

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