Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seven Fresh Marketing Ideas

Go Fly a Kite!
Place your company name, logo, and contact information on a wild and brightly colored kite.  This will send your business to new “heights.” Spend a windy day at the beach or in the park, and give away free kites (with your name on them) to visitors. This approach can be valuable and can quickly expand your visibility.

Add a Company Mascot to your Business.
With the help of a few very clever cows, Chick-fil-A's unaided brand awareness has grown 81 percent, and its sales have increased nearly 120 percent since the mascot was added to the team in 1995. This attention-grabbing ploy, encouraging folks to "Eat Mor Chikin" has helped make this Atlanta-based company the third largest quick-service chicken restaurant company in the United States.

Celebrate the Wacky World Holidays with your Clients and/or Customers.
Did you know that August 17 is Number 2 pencil day? Send your clients Number 2 pencils with your name and logo embossed on the pencils. What about Homemade Pudding Day on September 19? Send your clients and customers your favorite pudding recipe, and invite them to your business to sample a “taste.” If you are the owner of a toy store or a children’s clothing company, you may want to set aside November 18 to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s Birthday. Creative marketing is the future business of all sizes, and celebrating offbeat holidays will allow your customers and clients to experience something unusual and will set you apart from your competition. For a list of non-traditional holidays, visit

Host a Game Night.
Are you an investment advisor? Host a game night using the game “Cash Flow.” Are you a Life Coach? Throw a party and play the game LIFE. Are you a cat groomer? How about a Cat-Opoly Night? For travel agents, try the game Route 66, taking your guests on a road trip across the country. Playing board games can create a rich and wonderful opportunity for interaction with potential customers, which can allow them to get to know you in a fun and non-threatening way and can create an opportunity for building rock solid strategic alliances.

Host a “Big Brain” Week-End.
Want to learn from the experts? Borrow experts one time per year to develop a cutting-edge marketing plan for your company by hosting a “Big Brain” Week-End. If you cannot afford a full marketing staff, you can borrow key experts for a quarterly brainstorming session which can enhance product and service ideas for your company quickly. You can pay a small per diem and travel expenses and pick the brains of 6-8 people who really know their stuff.

Put Yourself in the Dunking Booth!
Carnivals and festivals are great fun for the entire family, and one of the hottest attractions at these events is The Dunking Booth. By volunteering to be the person “dunked,” you will have all eyes on you, and folks will be talking about you for weeks, creating “buzz” around your name, your products, and your services.

Send Unusual Gifts and Freebies.
Giving unusual gifts and freebies is another way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Are you in the middle of an ice storm? Send leis to your customers to brighten up their day. Do you have a customer who is recuperating from a broken leg? Send a movie on video, a box of popcorn, and a pack of M & M’s. Do you have a customer with a new baby? Send a basket with bubble bath, herbal tea, a cooling eye mask, and a set of ear plugs (humor works!)

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