Thursday, July 12, 2012

Billboards With Four Wheels

Do you have a service business that relies on phone calls to start the sales process?  Do you have a service business that has vehicles traveling the roadways?  What message does your business vehicle deliver to potential customers?

Your rolling stock is a great place to place a customer advertising message.  How much message can you place on the front, side or back of your vehicle?  That is covered by how large the vehicle is.  You can put a bigger message on a bigger vehicle.  Than doesn’t mean you can put more words or messages on a large vehicle.  You want the “font size” to be larger, so that it is easier to read.

How effective are these rolling billboards?  Consider that they are seen by thousands of people everyday.  All advertising ROI is based on the cost of 1,000 impressions or the number of eyes (people) that view any advertisement.

It could be said the your rolling billboard has a zero dollar cost per thousand.  The vehicle is going about the same business at the same cost whether or not it has painted (message based ads) sides.  There is a very minor cost (over the life of a vehicle) to have message signs on that service vehicle.

The other day I spoke with a friend that had an AC unit replaced.  I discovered that she had used a local contractor called George Brazil.  When I asked her what prompted her use of that vendor over any other one, her reply was, “I see his trucks everywhere.”

Your business phone or website should be part of your sales message no matter where it is.  A short message about what you do (your service) is what is the actual “advertisement.”

If you think that everyone is doing this properly means you aren’t looking at all the vehicles out there.  Vehicles with “TMI” (too much info) is the most common mistake.  Text that is too small to read is the second biggest mistake.  People seeing your vehicle has only a very few seconds to read and absorb your sales message.  Your sales message is your businesses’ life blood.

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