Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marketing Mayhem Via Their Smart Phones

Did you know that a Google's study showed that 43% of smart-phone users used their cell-phone to search in response to television ads at least once a month.

Even more interesting is that 40% reported searching in response to ads they saw while in stores looking at the TV while still physically present.

While searching based on magazines and out-of-home ads were less common, the report suggests that search will increase as people get more used to using their device to get information.

Taking customers for granted.

So what are you doing to communicate with your customers who are heavy users of their smart-phones. 

Does your printed media carry a QR code that gives specials to those smart-phone users?  It can you know!  You can use the QR code to send the smart-phone user direct to a web page or web video designed just for a smart-phone.  In that web page or web video can be information or offers that are related to the use of the cell-phone or products that are demographically related. 

Most people agree that the more targeted or relevant advertising is the more effective it is.  So knowing that a smart-phone user is your target the more relevant you can make your offer.  At MI printing we can help you add those QR codes to your printed message.

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