Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thinking Outside The Box Again

Looking for new ideas to promote your company , products or the services your have?  Here are some ideas that will help your marketing efforts.

Hold a wacky contest. The beauty of contests is threefold. You can announce the contest to your prospects, customers and the media. You can then announce the winners to the media and hopefully get press each time. Have multiple winners to delight multiple customers. Contests can be fun, wacky and imaginative: a messy desk contest, ugly tie contest, pet/owner look-alike contest, etc.

Create and celebrate a funky holiday. Today is "Purple Hair Day," or "Wear Your PJs Day," or "Give a Cupcake to a Friend Day." These are made up and from a brainstorm session. How your holiday cross promotes your business, service or products is only limited by your imagination. Don't forget to publicize it, announce it, market it over and over, and have fun with it. You'll get noticed and people will grow to expect it if you do it on a frequent basis.

You may not even have to invent your own holidays as there web sites that list them for you;

Tie your business or service to a local news or current event covered by the media. Find a news story and issue a press release to publications, radio stations and television stations, offering yourself as an expert to comment on a related subject. It's one of the best ways to get free PR. Remember to use your imagination here. Just watch the news and do a reverse analysis. Make a list of companies that would be appropriate to comment on each story you watch. Sooner or later you'll find one where your company fits.

Provide special attention to trade-show attendees the night before a trade show holding a convention in your area. Stand out from the crowd at trade shows by hanging door hangers on hotel room doors at designated trade-show hotels, offering a hook and an announcement or a special offer. Leave bags of candies, aspirin, insole pads for shoes or maybe a cloth carry bag to collect trade show information in. Your competition isn't doing this. You'll stand out, you'll be noticed, and you'll definitely be thanked if you put yourself in front of your prospect again.

Pass out notepads with coupon offers intermingled in the pages. Even use the back cover stock to print an offer. Use your “outside the box thinking” for the marketing ideas.

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