Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Learn To Listen

We think that listening is the best customer skill you can possible develop.  It needs to be coupled with learning to take what you hear the customer say, really say and then ask the right (proper and correct) customer service based question or questions.

From that question or perhaps questions you can be on the road to really helping that customer and you solving their problem or challenge.

Here is probably a very good time to mention that not only at the customer service level is this a great idea, but also at the sales level as well.  If you listen to your customer and ask the correct questions you can avoid dealing with your customer at a later customer service level as well.

If we take one more step back it is probably a good idea to listen and ask the right questions as far back as the time the customer is first greeted when entering or contacting your business.

Learning to listen is a really basic skill when you are in business and it doesn’t matter what type of business or how that business interacts with customers.  Listen to what the customer says or asks.  Many times a customer may lack the vocabulary for your business.  Their questions and statements may tell you that.  Then again. they may not.

Today a customer may seem to know what they want because they have spent time on the Internet getting “educated.”  So what sets you apart from a web site that can only react to a customer in a very limited way?  Generally a web site is a simple “push” marketing method.

When a customer is buying a shirt from a web site we hope it will be set to ask about size and color.  But what beyond that is expected to do?  A salesperson can ask questions that are based in experience and can inquire about why the shirt is being purchased, where and how it is being worn.

A shirt being used during a tropical vacation should be very different than one worn to work or a wedding.  Today even the web sites are suggesting add-on purchases based on what other people are buying.  An educated salesperson can go well beyond suggestions based on purchases by others, but true knowledge of what the customers real needs are.

Listening is what we try to do best at MI Printing.  We want to understand and truly solve our customer’s business printing needs.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 and find out why people are better than web sites at meeting your needs.

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