Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rise Above The Noise

Think of your business as being that of a new song writer.  Both your business and the song writer want to get noticed and stand out among the crowd out there trying to reach a market that is deluged with millions and millions of offers.

Is making the loudest noise the way to do it?  No, probably not, you just end up annoying people.  Is shouting or whispering the best way to get the attention of the people you are trying to reach?  Have you ever heard something or thought you heard something that was just above a whisper but not fully understood.  Do you stop and try to figure out what it was?

Sometimes the soft approach is what will set you apart from all those that are do the shouting.  If you think this is leading to the soft-sell approach you are beginning to understand.

Ever try to push a rope?  It is much easier to pull or lead rather than force the issue.  Marketing can work several ways.  Your advertising (any type) should always complement the item and the company image.  Being loud and pushy may work with car sales, but will it work in your business or industry?

Can you imagine a pushy doctor’s ad?  It could even be very accurate, but would it work well?

Rise above the noise with a whisper and not a shout.  Does that work?  Getting good press is surely one way to do this.  Is press effective?  Of Course.  I once read that if you want to get noticed you could always set your business on fire.  Yes, that would get you noticed.  But doing business the next day would be rather difficult. 

How about making up some simple flyers and going door-to-door and speaking with your neighboring businesses with a sincere invitation for them to come and see what you might have to offer them.  Do a couple a day, just before you open.  This isn’t walk in a drop it off.  Take a moment and find the owner or manager and introduce yourself.  This next step is a very soft sell.  Use open questions and see if you have something they truly need.  Offer to come back and talk with them at length when they can set aside the time.

Yes, personal contacts like this are very time consuming.  But, they are the most effective and direct approach you can make.  Don’t think of this being used only by new businesses.  Do it every few months by going in different directions or a little farther each time.

If you only sell to individual consumers, tomorrow will be the blog to read.

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