Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Greetings Make The Day

If you run a Brick & Mortar business that deals directly with customers, everyone of those customers should be greeted and welcomed into your business establishment.  I know that must sound very basic.  But, keep in mind, that the customer greeting is the start of each sale or possible sale.

On a recent trip to purchase an automotive item I was greeted by a counter person by a simple uninspired, “Yes?”  It was accompanied with a rather blank expression.  Yes, I did follow-up with a brief description of what I needed.  I made that one purchase and left the store without a “Thank You” or an invitation to come back.  Perhaps the most damage was done when the item was sold without any questions or sales suggestion for other products that might be needed or would help with the product purchased.

So in your business what is the policy for the customer greeting, sales suggestions, thank yous and invitation to shop again?

Do you think it is important to welcome a customer each time they enter your business?  Do you and your staff try to make the “greeting” or “welcome” an opportunity to brighten the customer’s day?

A bright smile, and a sincere greeting is a great way to start the customer “welcome”.  You can add a welcome back or “great to see you again” if that would be appropriate.  Follow that with a “How can we help today?”

Once the questions lead to a purchase you can try to add to the sale with meaningful and accurate suggestion that are of benefit to the customer and truly complement the original purchase.

Is the sale of the nature that the customer may need help carrying or loading the item(s)? Make sure that offer of help to their vehicle is made.

When the sale is completed make sure that the customer is both thanked and invited back for their future needs.

Even if your business is one of sales that has little customer contact you still need to apply these ideas to each sale or customer service call.

Are you sure this is being done to your satisfaction at your business?  It is your bottom line that is affected by getting lax in these areas.

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