Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marketing Mayhem

Are you guilty of Marketing Mayhem?

Here is a book you may be interested in Marketing Mayhem.  It is a bit pricey at $46.97 with shipping.

Of course, you can also try and save on the shipping.

What is Marketing Mayhem? In the simplest terms, it is the mindless marketing that has been draining profits, wasting productive energy, and creating strategic and tactical confusion in just about every type of business.

Why is this happening? Here are a few specifics:

Mindless use of technology

Imaginative sterility

Misleading and confusing use of language

Taking customers for granted

Want some examples of what Marketing Mayhem has done?

We have more technology, analytical tools, And process than ever before. BUT: Sales and profits are down. Why?

We supposedly know more than ever before about what buyers want. BUT: Customers are more skeptical and more alienated from us and more resistant to sales offers than ever before.

We can choose from a ton of CRM software and hours of CRM seminars.

But: The typical customer responds with the loyalty of a gnat. You can find more specifics on the pages of Marketing Mayhem. Even more important, you'll find answers to the problems that Marketing Mayhem creates–and you'll be entertained all along the way by the world's most productive copywriter and Direct Magazine's most popular feature columnist.

Here is the hyper link to the website.

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