Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marketing Mayhem The Allstate Way

Who comes to mind when you think of Mayhem?

After Allstate’s hugely successful ad campaign, there’s a good chance you picture this guy. In just a few short years the campaign has become an enormous hit. The Facebook Mayhem page has over a million likes and the campaign has been parodied on YouTube and of course endlessly discussed at the water cooler.

That is what is described as marketing BUZZ.  When you run an ad or a promotional campaign that results is the very thing you want.  People talking about and spreading your message well beyond the run of the ads.

An ad or promotion that is so entertaining or interesting that it becomes a subject of conversations at the water cooler, parties or social events, is the holy grail of marketing. 

Allstate’s advertising campaigns have won numerous industry awards, including from Cannes, 16 Effie awards including the Gold in 2011 in the ‘Sustained Success’ category and numerous ADDY awards.

More important than the awards and accolades is the ads are making the phones ring at Allstate offices all over the country.  Traffic to their web site is up by double digits.

Lisa Cochrane is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Allstate and is the creative genius behind this wildly successful ad campaign.

She was named Ad Woman of the Year by the Chicago Advertising Federation in 2008, and was recognized by Working Mother Magazine and Advertising Women of New York as a 2010 Working Mother of the Year. She is on the Board of Directors of the Ad Council and the Association of National Advertisers, where she directs the Agency/Client Relations Committee. She is also a trustee of the Marketing Science Institute, and a board member of the Camp Nicolet Foundation.

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