Monday, July 2, 2012

How To Build Your eMail List Everyday

A great (read very effective) way to market products and services is to send emails to “interested” people.  This allows you to tell potential customers about new items as they arrive or a new service that you are starting.

So how do you find these people that would be interested in your services or product.  You ask them to join your mailing list.  Yes, it is that simple.

How do you do that?  The first place you want to start is on your web site.  You need to place an email sign-up method on your web site.  It must stand out and be easy to find so place the sign-up box on very page of your web site.  If you are using a service like Constant Contact the process is fully automated and complies with all government regulations.

You can also do a sign-up sheet at the your business and invite EVERY customer to join your mailing list.  If they don’t have the time to sign-up at your business hand them a business card with your web address on it.

Place an invitation to join your email list in your blogs and social media sites and communications.  Any article you write for yourself or others needs to carry the invitation to make sure the reader stays informed of your information and special offers also includes a way to find and join your email list.

You can offer rewards or specials when someone joins your email list.  Set up an information download or coupon on the thank you page that is displayed after the person joins your email list.

Remember it is not the number of people you send to, it is how interested they are.  To be effective the email must be opened.  For it to be opened the reader be motivated to do so.  They must recognize you or your business as someone that they trust.  The simple answer here is never send to an email address / person who hasn’t invited you to send to them.

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