Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Employees Are A Lot Like Batteries

We can all agree that a brand new employee is a lot like a new battery.  They are charged up and ready to go and after a while they seem to slow down a bit.  After a period of rest (like a weekend off) they recover some and run harder for a short period of time.  If your batteries are rechargeable you can recover their performance with a recharge.  Employees are no different and they require recharging every so often.

Sometimes that recharge (for the employee) comes in the form of retraining, new incentives or even a vacation.  These “recharges” are a necessary part of getting the most out of the average employee.  Yes, there are some exceptions and you will find an employee who is self motivated and seems to run forever with out any other incentives than the regular paycheck or compensation.

Those employees are few and far between and a company is lucky to find them.  Most companies try their hardest to keep the employees who they consider “worth their weight in gold.”

Does your company recognize and reward employees that are working about the standard?  How do you try to motivate those employees who need help reaching or exceeding your companies expectations?  Do you have a plan in place to retrain and motivate your average employee.

Some management styles lean toward yelling and threats as motivating techniques and that seldom is effective at all.  Normally that management style leads to high employee turnover.  I know that it can be easily missed but happy customers tend to be a reflection of happy and motivated employees. You do want happy customers?

If your company can have an incentive program that shows you care about making both the customer and the employee happy you should see a nice improvement in the bottom line.   Putting customers needs first is always a great way to improve sales without needing to be a low price leader.

In most cases products are getting more complex rather than simpler.  Your customer may need more support and education to fully appreciate and enjoy using their new item.  Your employee is the first line of defense to help both the business and the customer.  The last thing you want is an employee who is running low on charge and just getting by.

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