Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Targeted Ads Really Say

If you have seen the new Microsoft Windows 8 television ads that are currently running you could draw the conclusion that everyone using Windows 8 is under thirty (much under) and in college or working in an ad agency.

When you craft an ad that uses visuals you need to consider the message you are trying to convey.  If everyone in the ad is young that better be your target audience since that is the message you are sending.  If the ad also contains fast paced music and lots of dance moves you are supporting the age group you are selling to.

You need to ask yourself “is that your true message?”  Does your product “only” fit or will be used by a limited age group.  Did you start out to target a very narrow market?

A local restaurant can target a population that is in a relatively small geographic area.  It could even have a menu that is just a certain type of food that will further limit the prospective audience.  It could replicate itself all over the country and those franchises could still be successful.

But I can’t imagine an international company would try to limit a new product to a limited audience.  Computer operating systems have, in the past, prided themselves on being the “easiest” to use and work with the most number of different computers.

Over the years many companies have learned the lesson of being too cutting edge, being too modern in design, being too focused to serve a large and viable population.  Today your total marketing communication needs to target your whole audience.  If your product and company can survive and grow based on a limited market or target audience go for it.

For the best results and greatest growth try not to throw away a large part of the population.  People will try, all by themselves, to chose just what they like and don’t need the companies help to be cast aside.

You can see one of the Microsoft ads here;

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