Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Business Card Do's and Don'ts

Business cards play a fundamental role in making your business presence felt. Your business card can be turned into an effective communication tool, if you know exactly what to do and what not to do with it. In fact, there is a complete list of etiquette for using a business card that can boost your business to any size. So, here goes a list of do’s and don’ts for a business card you carry and intend to use.

Keep it Simple
Keeping your business card simple for its effectiveness in promoting your business. Never use many different fonts or present too much information in your card. Include all the vital information and avoid adding all the unnecessary information. Keeping the business card simple makes it’s easy to read and remember. The focus on the card should be on the company’s name, phone number, address and sales slogan if any.

Use a Clearly Readable Font
For an effective business card, do make sure to have a readable font. The font should be such that can be read well both by a young person as well as by an older person. Try to highlight the most important information like address and phone number in your business card with the proper font.

Always list your Email Address and Website URL
Not having a website or an email address shuts a door to many clients in the Internet age, when everything is available with a simple mouse click. So, if you don’t have your own website, then its time to have one to promote your business. You can increase your clientele by just having a small website and mentioning it in your business card. Similarly including your email address will allow people to directly contact you with ease.

Never Use Free Business Cards
Being human beings, we are always tempted by free offers, but such free offers when utilized for tools like business cards can end up ruining your whole business image. In other words, never go for cheap or free business cards that are offered by some online sites. The worst thing about such cards is that on the backside you will find an ad for the supplier of the “free” cards.

Never use Cards with Outdated Information
Sometimes to save money, we tend to use business cards with outdated information. Take for instance, cards with crossed out phone numbers and new numbers written with black marker. Such cards can degrade the business reputation. It tells people you don’t have enough business to buy new cards. So, don’t be a miser by giving away cards with outdated information.

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