Monday, April 15, 2013

Made In The USA – Hubbell Tankless Water Heaters

Hubbell Electric Tankless Water Heaters lead the home electric tankless water heater industry with unsurpassed electric water heater quality, the highest energy efficiency for home electric tankless water heaters and outstanding home energy savings. Hubbell Water Heaters has been in the water heater business since 1920 and all of our electric tankless water heaters are 100% manufactured in the United States and are designed to the highest environmental, water and energy conservation levels for home electric tankless water heaters.

The Hubbell Tankless Electric Water Heater is 99% efficient making it your best option for water heating. Unlike storage tanks which are constantly working to maintain a tank full of 140°F water which is then mixed with cold water when delivered to your fixture, the Hubbell Tankless unit heats water on demand and precisely to your desired temperature (typically 105°F or 40°C). When you replace a tank water heater with a Hubbell Tankless you eliminate 365 days of “standby heat loss” and save energy by delivering hot water more efficiently to the point of use. The end result is a savings of up to 40% on the water heating portion of your utility bill.

The advantages of eliminating your large storage tank water heater are obvious…gain space, reduce your energy consumption and lower your operating cost. Now Hubbell makes it easier than ever to install this revolutionary device. This compact water heater, not much larger than a phone book, mounts easily to the wall and frees up significant space in your utility room, closet or basement and features an all stainless steel exterior providing a durable, long lasting and corrosion free product. The Hubbell Tankless easily connects to your plumbing with our Shark-bite connections which “push-fit” onto bare 3/4" copper or PEX tubing eliminating the need for soldering at the unit. Switching to Tankless has never been easier or more rewarding. You need an advantage, “The Tankless Advantage” by Hubbell.

The Hubbell product line, as stated on NASA's own website, will reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 50%, while providing an endless supply of hot water. Unlike your existing tank-type hot water heater, the materials used in its construction resist corrosion so you won't experience water leaks from ruptured tanks that can ruin carpets, baseboards, drywall, etc. You reclaim the space once occupied by your outdated conventional tank-type hot water heater, because the Hubbell unit mounts on the wall. The Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater is controlled using an advanced electronic temperature controller which utilizes a precisely calibrated flow meter to ensure consistent hot water outlet temperatures as low as 0.2 GPM. This design, with the assistance of NASA engineers, is the worlds most advanced system for controlling a tankless water heater.

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