Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When Opportunity Knocks or the Wind Blows

Opportunity Knocks But Once - "When you see an opportunity to improve your lot, act quickly and resolutely - you may never get another chance. The proverb dates to ancient times, around 8 A.D. The early fifteenth-century French 'Il n'est chance qui ne retourne' ('There is no opportunity which comes back again') is very similar in meaning.  Well does that old saying apply to today’s business climate?

If you were in the Valley yesterday (April 8th 2013) you know that a sudden spring storm can do lots of damage.  If you have a service business that deals with storm related clean-up or emergency storm repair (think broken windows and fallen trees) you need to remind your customer base as well as new customers what you can do for them.

Does social media jump to mind, yes, and  it should.  But you could also hand out flyers and brochures at high traffic locations.  Some would say you could put out business cards in shopping center parking lots.

The primary objective is to remind existing customers and inform new customers of the storm related services that your business offers.  The big question is did you do it?

It is hard to plan, when a storm comes out of nowhere.  You need to make up your marketing materials before the storm happens so you are ready.  So you have to be ready ahead of time so that when the opportunity does happen you are one up on your competition and ready to do your business marketing.

If your customers don’t hear from you or about you, someone else may get their phone call and not you.  Staying top of mind is essential in today’s  economy.  You could also give out frig-magnets with your information.  Even making sure your business cards are done in magnetic versions can help.

What you don’t want to do is read this and plan to follow-up on response based marketing materials and then forget to do so. So before that next storm or event happens get your ducks in a row.  Have MI Printing do flyers, brochures and business cards ready for opportunity knocking!

If you are looking for the business printer for all of your commercial printing needs, we ask you to consider MI Printing.  Where happy customers are our number one project.  Give us a call at 623.582.1302 and let us help you with your printing needs. 

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