Thursday, April 11, 2013

Where Do Your Customers Come From?

How effective are your marketing efforts?  What marketing methods is most effective at bringing in a new customer or bringing back an existing buyer?  If you don’t know, how will you choose what marketing to do next?

You must track the results of your marketing efforts.  How do you do that?

If you have a business that has customer traffic you can simply ask the customer, “Is this your first visit?”  If the answer is yes, and after a friendly welcome, you can inquire, “How did you hear about us?”  Their answer can tell you volumes about how effectively your marketing efforts are.  This can and should also be tied to all incoming phone calls from new customers.  “How did you hear about us?” should always be applied to new customers contact of any kind.

Keep a note book and record your customer responses.  That will make sure that the answers don’t become skewed by time and memory.  Keep in mind that there are no wrong answers.  Even if they mention an ad you never ran or a news story that never happened it is their perception.  A common answer maybe “A friend mentioned you.”  Word-of-mouth is never a bad way to grow your business reputation.

Tracking the results of your marketing can and should go well beyond just small talk with a potential buyer.  Tracking can be pre-planned and built into a marketing program.  

You can distribute coupons by print ads, store promos, and many other methods but the real test is keeping track of how many coupons are actually used.  You can do in-store surveys and ask your customers why they are shopping with you.

You can run a promo that uses a different phone number and then when that is the origin of the contact you know what triggered the inquiry or sale.  In the past it was expensive to dedicate a single phone number for market testing.  Today with disposable cell phones it is a simple matter of a $20 dollar purchase and $20 to $50 to buy air time whenever you want to test a promotion.

There is a new service, a smart phone app actually, called “Burner” that is even cheaper to get a dedicated phone number for market testing.  While this use isn’t the primary focus of the Burner App, think bad dates and Craigslist sales, $5 dollars will get you a new phone number, 60 days of use, 75 minutes of talk time and 225 text messages.  You can restart (with a new phone number) or extend as a current one as needed.  A primary iPhone or Android phone is required.

With Burner you can record your own custom voicemail greeting. The custom greeting is specific to each number, so you can record a custom greeting for the burner you use for business and keep a different message for the other burners you use for other communications.

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