Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Marketing Changes After The Boston Bombings

The tragic events of Monday April 15th have disrupted the lives of the victims, the city of Boston and the nation. Many business have changed their marketing as a result. Many events postponements and entertainment program changes have happened.

Decent human beings, watching the tragic images from the bombings in Boston last week, reacted with sadness and concern for the victims. But others viewed the same images and immediately thought, “I can make money from this.”

“Tragedies inspire people to give,” Art Taylor, president and chief executive of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, said in a blog by Kelsey Owen, communications and marketing coordinator for the Council of Better Business Bureaus.  But, as Taylor said, “tragedies – whether natural disasters or man-made catastrophes – also inspire scammers to take advantage of that generosity.”

Many companies have realized the need to be sensitive in the tone and content of advertisements and even the products being sold.  Others have provided services to all that were affected by these horrific acts.

Charities and donation avenues have been started or redirected to the needs of victims of this terrorist act.  Many traditional services of the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and many others have stepped up their services as well.

As with any event there will always be businesses who rush in with tourist based products that are more about profits than public good.  Many crooks also move in to found criminal charity scams that steal money from the public wrapped in the guise of helping victims.

Natural disasters and tragedies like what we saw in Boston breed charity scams, identity theft schemes and attempts to infect computers with malware, often with a link promising “exclusive” news or video of the incident, reports CNNMoney.

Small businesses all over the country have added Boston Marathon Donation Jars to their counters so they can raise money that will be sent to legitimate charities serving the bombing victims.

Restaurants have added specials to their menus that place a donation of part or all of the money earmarked to bombing victims.  At locations all of the U.S. T-shirts are being produced with the same goals for remembrance and donation sources.

Has your business had to make changes as the result of the Boston Bombings?

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