Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Using Visual Advertisements

"Words are easily forgotten, but pictures stay in our minds."
Paul Lester

For thousands of years people have tried to entice consumers to buy their products. From dish detergent to potato chips, the use of visual advertising has been employed. So what makes an advertisement convincing? Well, some basic guidelines for effective advertising are:

· The product must be reliable. 
· The product must be something that the consumer deems as a necessity. 
· The product must be priced correctly. 
· The product must save labor or be deemed by the consumer as important. 
· The product should be helpful 
· The product should be stylish and attractive 
· The product should be repeatedly advertised.

Your choice of the type of advertisements is up to you, TV, brochures or flyers.  Using images to help tell you story is the very best way to help your audience remember your message.

"Before McDonald's or EuroDisney, there was Coca-Cola. No export served as a more potent symbol of the American way of life than Coke."  Richard Pells.

Coca-Cola has used many different types of advertisements throughout the years.  Is it easy for you to visualize their product ads?  Do the Santa ads or the polar bears come to mind.  They are very easy images to remember.  No matter the media they use it carries an iconic Coca-Cola image.

"We are becoming a visually mediated society. For many, understanding of the world is being accomplished, not through reading words, but by viewing images." Unkown

Certain visual preferences have been observed through analysis of various studies as well as observations of established theories and rules used for the creation of visual art. It is difficult to determine reasons for all of the preferences, so the causation is discussed elsewhere (in the neuroscience of aesthetics and visual perception sections). The various areas of art in which visual preference was found include color, composition, balance, and shape or form. Several compositions are rooted in aesthetic preference. It has also been found that subject matter and style play important roles in one's visual preferences during the aesthetic experience of art. Studies of these different areas have been analyzed in order to provide proof that visual aesthetic preferences do exist and to show what some of those preferences are.

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