Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is Your Marketing Plan The Same This Year?

If your business was less than you wanted last year then maybe your marketing plan needs attention.  Even if you loved how your business did last year you should consider reviewing this year’s marketing plan.

Why does a marketing plan need to be reviewed yearly.  In some cases a marketing plan may need changed even more often.  You need to review your marketing plan because the market changes. People change.  Products change.  New ways to buy things come and go.  Trends, fashion and fads enter into the marketing mix.

If your company sells electronics you know what I’m talking about as this market changes more than most.  If you sell anything related to the automotive industry you have a built in yearly change.  Does your marketing need to change as well?  Some principles of marketing are fairly constant.  But as your customers have shifted from being reached by newspapers, TV and radio advertisements to online, social media and mobile devices your marketing needed to change as well.

What worked in an arm length newspaper ad doesn’t work the same in a 5 inch smart phone.  When your potential customer has the power of price comparison at the touch of a button you need to make sure you get a chance to tell your side of that story.

QR codes give you a chance to expand your message when you hand out or use any type of printed media.  Using their smart phone the viewer can be tied directly to a web page or video message.  Is the use of QR codes part of your marketing efforts this year?  If not why not?

Even if it is the latest dessert offering at a local restaurant, can your message be better presented and have a greater local reach?  Do you sell a service (think dry cleaning) out of a brick and mortar location?  How have you reached out to new customers and retained existing ones?  Just price based special offers?  Or did you use new “greener” processes?  Did you tell your customers about that?  Always make your message special.

What is a Marketing Plan?
A marketing plan serves as your roadmap when it comes to your marketing initiatives. It details the success route that you will need to follow to get your small business noticed by potential customers.

A detailed marketing plan will show you what to do and help you understand why you are doing it. It will also help you navigate away from the marketing and business mistakes that will cost you money, time and future growth potential.

As a small business owner equipped with a marketing plan, you will feel more organized, have more confidence and a clear vision when it comes to your marketing goals.

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