Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creative Ways To Hand Out Your Business Cards

All of us have business cards. Right? We had them out when we have a business meeting.  But there are many creative ways to promote your business by distributing your business card.

We all go out to eat, why not leave your card on the table? The waiter might grab it not wanting to throw it out and possibly either keep it or hand it over to their manager or might leave it on the table! Guaranteed to bring attention no matter what! For faster results, leave it inside the checkbook as part of your tip!

While most people pay their bills now online. But if you are that exception and you still mail some of those checks, why not include your business cards. Paper bills contain advertisements so counter advertise your skills when they open up the envelope. The person who opens your envelope might just need the services you are providing.

Give the cards to anyone who will take them. Friends, family members, your local shops that have known you for years. If they love you, they'll be walking billboards and free advertisement. People love to help and feel like they are a part of something. Anytime someone mentions a service they need that you provide, they will instantly think of you and jump at the chance to give out your cards.

Airports are one of the biggest marketing hubs to promote your business. People are usually looking for something to read or do, at times, work on their own businesses, writing emails, etc. You can "place" your card in waiting areas, the food court, magazine newsstand, and many more. This is free and easy marketing. You can also network with anyone and give your cards out to people. While they wait, they may want to learn about what you do!

People tend to be bored when they are waiting on line. It can be for movie or at your local grocery store. They will start to look around for things to look at – hence why they place the magazines here!. Leave your cards in a little stack so people will be tempted to grab one!

Never leave home without them!. You'll be surprised who you may run into. Before walking out the door, make sure your business cards are part of your stepping out checklist. Any chance encounter could turn into a business deal, so always be prepared.

Whenever you give out a business card, ask for one in return. Not only is this considered business card etiquette but can make the person feel important. Also, take a minute to look at it in front of the person, as is with human nature, they'll reciprocate.

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