Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Emotional Advertising Is On Target

In surveys that measure what makes advertising work there are common traits that show up repeatedly.  Overall the emotions that are reported as being most effective are as follows.  The advertisement affected my feelings, touched me emotionally, was stimulating, reaches out to me, was moving and was exciting.

With feelings and emotions being the first areas that are the most effective in reaching and then causing a positive action it shows why babies and puppies are often used in advertising.

If a respondent takes an immediate disliking to an advertisement the chances of them engaging in further cognitive processing decreases, which in turn could impact upon the reliability of the data. This is also an indication of how receptive the market is likely to be to messages in general.

Emotional advertising shows the target audience the benefits of the product or service through drama and relies on them being so involved with the characters and finding the story so relevant that it will hit an emotional chord. Emotional advertising is much more indirect in its persuasion.

Advertising often sells a great deal more than products. It sells values, images, and concepts of love and sexuality, romance, success, and perhaps more important, a version or normalcy. To a great extent, it tells us who we are, who we should be and who we may want to be.

A psychological or mental requirement of intra-psychic origin that usually centers on such basic feelings as love, fear, anger, sorrow, anxiety, frustration, and depression and involves the understanding, empathy, and support of one person for another. Such needs normally occur in everyone but usually increase during periods of excessive stress or physical and mental illness and during various stages of life, such as infancy, early childhood, and old age.  Effective restatements of these values in advertising are the most effective emotional triggers.

And just like any other good ad, people would want what is being promoted.  Can you adapt that to your next brochure or flyer.  Used properly “cute” always sells.

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