Monday, October 29, 2012

Made In The USA - Inland Clothing

Inland Clothing was established with one goal: to sell high-quality, domestically produced men's clothing at fair prices.

They sell classically-styled traditional American clothing. Their clothes are made in the US by workers who enjoy US wages, labor protections, and working conditions. In addition, they are manufactured to a high quality standard. Because of this, they will cost a little more than you would pay for items made to a lower standard offshore where wages are very low.

However, they believe that "made in USA" clothing should be an accessible investment for everyone, not a rare luxury, and so we have sought out only those items that they can offer at a fair price. Most of their goods come from small, family-owned companies with long histories. Their prices are not padded to pay for designer names or expensive marketing budgets. They are confident that their merchandise provides excellent value for money.

Inland is owned and operated by Eli Naeher in Chicago, Illinois, somewhere in between Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. They might have turned the Florsheim shoe factory into condos, but Chicago is still a town where quality men's clothing is made, and we're proud to be here.

For questions about orders or products, please write to us at  If you'd prefer to speak on the phone, you can call them at (312) 508-3158. Because Inland Clothing is a small operation, you may reach their voicemail, but they will call back within 24 hours.


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