Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just Two Weeks To Halloween

Did you know that as holiday sales go Halloween sales are in second place just behind Christmas.  With two weeks to go is it too late to add a Halloween sales boost?

You could say that you have missed two weeks of prime Halloween sales time with the passing of the first two weeks in October but that doesn’t mean giving up on the last two weeks as well.

Yes, it is too late to do advertising that needs to be scheduled or even to add outside signage.  But you could add a message on your website, blog or social media sites.  You could even get quick turn-around from MI Printing on a flyer or handout.  You could do a Halloween special coupon that can be placed with all current purchases.

Very important you can calendar in the Halloween season on your next year planning calendar.  You do plan your promotions and sales at least a year in advance, don’t you?

With real estate people often say the most important factor is location, location, location.  With retail sales you could say that the most important skill is planning, planning, planning.

With proper planning you won’t have to rush around doing catch up for next Halloween.  With the proper planning you can scare up some great sales numbers for the next Halloween season.

Even if you don’t sell anything or provide services that are related to Halloween you can use the fun and temperament of the Halloween season to provide customer interest and have spooky good time to promote a boost in sales for your items or services.

From the traditional color scheme of black and orange to costumes on you and your staff can be used to add from just a touch of the spirit season to an all out Halloween theme party atmosphere.  You could add a Halloween themed window or decorations to just increase foot traffic.  If they don’t notice or enter your business they won’t be buying from your business.

If you provide a mint or sweets bowl for your customers it is past the time to start, but never too late  to change to Halloween treats in your bowl.  Yes, they probably cost just a bit more but they will add a smile to your customer’s face.

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