Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Show and Tell Still Works

We all learned about or participated in Show & Tell during our early school years.  Some times they worked better than others.  One of the most memorable was when a little girl brought her brother, a brand new Marine in full dress uniform to show and tell and the whole class was full of questions and interest.

Some people refer to business promotions as “Dog & Pony” shows. At the most basic level all advertising is either a “dog and pony show” or a true “show and tell” story.  Why?  In very simple terms, they work.  Telling a story is a very effective way to get people’s attention and leave a positive memorable message.

That is the true goal of any advertisement, leave a positive message.  As the story comes to an end you should always add a “call to action.”  After you promote your message you want the potential customer to turn into a “real” customer.  The “call to action” needs to be clear and directs the customer to do what ever action you want to have happen. 

Your call to action should also have a specific “time factor.”  You want the customer to “do it now” or “ do it before” or before we run out “limited to stock on hand” triggers. 

Does your business flyer tell a good story and have a clear call to action? If not, why not?  In journalism they preach to students that a good story always has five elements.  They are; Who, What, When, Where and Why.  When it comes to sales you can use the checklist of the six “Ws”.  For sales and advertising they are; Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.  Yes, I know the “W” is at the end of “How” but you will still remember it.

Who Are You Selling To?
Why Do They Need Your Product?
What are Your Product or Service Benefits?
How Can You Prove That You're the Right Company?
What are Their Next Steps?
When Do They Need to Act?

Yes, you can modify the questions to match your sales techniques or products.  But never leave one out as your tell your marketing stories. Your appropriate show and tell stories will raise your bottom line.

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