Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When Did You Stop Handing Out Business Cards?

Everyone who starts a business knows they need business cards and they are usually one of the first purchases when staring a new business.

The bad news is that most business people have a large box of unused business cards hiding in a closet. 

Your business card is one of the most valuable networking tools you have in your quest for increased business and referrals. Can you envision a reality where 20 to 30 people in your word-of-mouth marketing circle carry your cards and have them ready to hand to prospects they're actually qualifying for you? I certainly can, and am excited every time I hear someone say, "Let me give you my friend's business card; oh, and by the way, may I have them give you a call?"

The business card is the most powerful single business tool, dollar for dollar, you can invest in. It's compact, energy-efficient, low-cost, low-tech, and keeps working for you hours, weeks and even years after it leaves your hands!

Some of the things your business card does is:

• Tell people your name and the name of your business

• Provide prospects with a way to contact you

• Give others a taste of your work, style and personality

• It can be so unusual or attractive or strange or charming or funny that it sticks in the memory like a great radio or television ad

• It can be reused, as it passes from person to person, giving the same message to each person who comes in contact with it

The two main functions of your card are to gain business from the person you give it to and to get your name out to other people with whom the first person comes in contact with via referrals. With that in mind, let's take a look at the most effective ways to use your business cards. (For a complete look at how to make an effective business card, read It's in the Cards ).

In short, don't leave home without them! It's a great idea to keep a small box of your cards in your glove box, just in case you find yourself in a situation where you need more than you've carried in your pocket or purse. In addition to my jacket pocket, I tuck them away in my briefcase, wallet and computer bag, just to make sure I never run out.

When did you stop handing out your business card?

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