Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is Procrastination or Motivation Running Your Business

When it comes to running your business what is the biggest struggle you have?  Hiring the right people? Or is it how you manage day-to-day tasks.

Are you a motivated owner?  Or is procrastination and crisis management your supervision style?

Forced motivation entails struggle; natural motivation entails ease. When you hear these two words...struggle and ease...which one sounds more natural? Which one sounds more motivating?

Struggle is a bit like trying to drive a car while having one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brakes. Tremendous energy is lost in friction making it highly unlikely that we'll get very far.

The ease of inspirational motivation is to feel the smooth acceleration of the car as we step on the gas, without the breaks getting in the way. For this kind of performance, willpower alone, just isn't enough. Subconscious resistance needs to be cleared out of the way.

When we want to motivate ourselves towards a goal or task it is useful to have a working knowledge of the three aspects of self and mind. Understanding the different aspects of the self helps clarify what it is that we are actually trying to accomplish. This knowledge empowers us to then go out and do it.

A big part of self help motivation is overcoming resistance to change. In the face of change or challenge there will be resistance that will need to be overcome. Developing self motivation for change comes from knowing ourselves inside-out. Armed with self-knowledge we can work on change not just harder but smarter. Overcoming resistance to change helps us take a look inside to see what self-change is really about.
Self change begins with conscious intent. We need to be intent on the changes we want. This is where we start.

Successful self-change or transformation itself is the next step. This happens at a deeper level. To really form new actions or habitual ways of relating to ourselves and others, we need to reach deep into our subconscious mind so that our intentions for change can stick.

Conscious intent and subconscious integration represent the one-two for change.

Generally we are not 100% motivated or a 100% procrastinator, but a mixture of both.  You will find that you can move to the motivated side with just a little bit of planning and work.  Are you going to try that today or … tomorrow?

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