Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marketing Mayhem: QR Codes & Smartphones Are Changing The Game

According to a March 2012 study from Google, a marketer’s chances of reaching potential customers are steadily increasing.

Google’s study showed that 43% of smartphone owners used their phone to search in response to television ads at least once a month. Even more interesting is that 40% reported searching in response to ads they saw while in stores. While searching based on magazines and out-of-home ads were less common, the report suggests that search will increase as people get more used to using their device to get information.

The report showed that 58% of respondents typically research products on their smartphones while at home, 43% searched while “on-the-go”, and 31% searched while in the store. Retail was reported as the #1 out-of-home place where smartphone users take action.

As marketers see the potential in in-store mobile marketing, they will look for more creative ways to push people to interact with their brands through these devices. This presents a great opportunity for digital signage. Google’s report shows that 43% of smartphone users search in response to TV ads and 40% search based on ads seen in-stores. So, what would happen when we combine the two?

Using in-store QR codes to grab the attention of shoppers and push them towards using their smartphones to dive further into product information, promotions, or sign up to receive the latest deal. Integrating mobile marketing with digital signage makes measuring both a little easier. Marketers can use mobile marketing to measuring the effectiveness of their QR signage and digital signage as a distribution tool to promote their mobile marketing campaigns.

This combination of hard copy printing to bring the smartphone and Internet media as a promotional method needs to be considered when planning your marketing efforts.

MI Printing can help with creating and printing your QR codes that can be used in signage, brochures, flyers and many types of printed handouts.

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