Monday, October 1, 2012

Made In The USA – La-Z-Boy

Born in the USA

In 1927 two young cousins from Monroe, Mich. – Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker – created a wood-slat chair with a reclining back that allowed hardworking families to relax after a long day – and the world’s first recliner was born!  The La-Z-Boy recliner was a big hit in Monroe and soon, the nation.  Over the years, La-Z-Boy has expanded beyond recliners and now offers comfortable furniture in all shapes and sizes.  With factories and employees across the nation and world, this homegrown family business certainly has come a long way from its humble roots in a Michigan cornfield.

Committed to America!

Today, La-Z-Boy is hard at work building an all-American invention right here on American soil.  With the corporate headquarters still based in Monroe, Mich., five U.S. manufacturing plants, four distribution centers and nearly 70 company-owned retail stores, La-Z-Boy employs more than 5,000 people nationwide in the pursuit of comfortable, long-lasting furniture.  Every day, we proudly produce recliners, sofas, chairs and more by hardworking, dedicated employees who are driven by the same determination and commitment to quality and comfort that set us on the road to success more than 80 years ago.  

A lot has changed in the furniture industry since 1927.  Recent developments, such as the closing of major textile plants in the U.S., have forced us to go overseas for products like fabrics and leathers that are no longer available here in mass quantities.  The covers on our products may be made elsewhere, but for nearly all of our products, employees in our American factories build the frames and apply the cover.  While many of our components, including our famous recliner mechanisms, are fabricated by our dedicated employees in this country, we also consider international suppliers and laborers for some parts, such as handles and swivel bases, in order to build long-lasting furniture at an accessible price. 

At La-Z-Boy, we are investing in our plants and doing everything we can to remain a trusted, strong and competitive employer in the U.S.  We recently launched a new “cellular manufacturing” process that increases efficiency and gives our American employees more job satisfaction and ownership of the products they craft on our behalf.  Our American-made advantage allows us to provide the fastest custom-order furniture delivery possible, a feat none of our competitors with outsourced production facilities can match.  At La-Z-Boy, we are extremely proud of our roots and we look forward to providing you with American-made comfort and quality for many more years to come!

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