Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Can Sell Anything! But?

OK, but, just a minute, before you dismiss this with, “Sure, I agree, What’s the point?”  Right now there are business owners who are ready to give up because they aren’t successful in selling their product or service. 

Marketing’s goal is bringing in enough people to buy a product or service with enough volume to make the operation profitable. Sounds both very simple and desirable.  A single pass is not enough to keep a business going.

Are you not sure what I mean by that?  Fair enough. Marketing brings the customer in for the first taste of the business.  Keeping that customer coming back for more is the next step in the life of that business.

Marketing is not meant to retain the customer.  Bring the customer in, yes, retention no.

For long term success and customer must be “retained.”  The only, I repeat, the only way to retain a customer is … SATISFACTION!

You must satisfy a customer need to keep that customer coming back.  A return customer means great profit margins and continued sales.  Return customer added to new customer is the basic business need, growth.

What is the reason customers return? When they are satisfied with what happens when they visit your business.  It can be simply stated, you have what they need.  Going to your business results in the customer needs being meet.

It is simple to understand when we look at a restaurant.  The food satisfies a basic need to eat to keep your body running.  The plus is when the customer likes, really likes what they eat.

Marketing brings the customer to the door, what happens next is the most important aspect of any business.  What would happen if you went to a grocery store and found that every item you needed was out of stock?  Would you make another trip to that store?  What if half the items you needed were out of stock?

If your customer needs to go to a competitor to finish their shopping what happens if at the next store they find all of their needs are meet.  What if they also find that the clerk(s) are more helpful and friendly?  Which business retains that customer?

Selling is easy… customer retention is the hard part and the necessary goal.

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